Dragon Age: Inquisition romances – a field guide

Characters in Dragon Age Inquisition may engage in romantic relationships with companions, advisors, and other characters they encounter in the world. IGN wants to know just which of Dragon Age’s eight romances appealed to you the most. Answer the poll, then check below for guides to romancing every eligible character in the world of Inquisition. And if you just want to skip ahead, watch the video above that collects all eight of the steamiest scenes into one super-cut. Romance is more nuanced in Dragon Age: Inquisition compared to previous Dragon Age iterations and other franchises from Bioware. Our Romance Walkthrough below will help you close the deal, but you have to work a bit to convince your potential suitor that you are worth their time. For lack of better terms, there are serious and casual romances in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Casual romances are suited to minor characters, perhaps even one-night stands for NPCs in special circumstances in quests.

All Dragon Age Inquisition Romances, Ranked Worst to Best

Poppy is the author of “A Bard’s Lament. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the latest in the epic fantasy roleplaying video game series by BioWare. One of the many great features of this game is the ability to romance certain party members of the game; this is somewhat of a tradition in the Dragon Age series. This article describes how to romance one of the most popular female characters in the game, Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast.

Cassandra is only romancable as a male Inquisitior , though it doesn’t matter which race or warrior class you choose.

So I’m currently in the middle of my second playthrough of Inquisition, playing a male Trevelyan romancing Cassandra, and I’m kinda worried about .

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A page for describing Funny: Dragon Age: Inquisition. “‘The Inquisitor was hilarious.’ That is what they’ll say one day, you watch.” — Cassandra Pentaghast.

Blackwall obviously has huge respect for her, and prior to the Thom Rainier reveal I get the sense that she respects him as much as she would any dutiful Grey Warden. But as you say, I think the Thom Rainier reveal basically ruins her esteem for him. Extrapolating hugely from this, if we were to imagine an AU where Cass and Blackwall were together, the argument could be made that Blackwall might be able to win Cassandra around again with some intensely noble and romantic acts of forgiveness-seeking.

My imagination is crap at conjuring up what those acts might be — any ideas? She then says the following quote:. It is passion. It is being swept away by the pursuit of an ideal. What is not to like about that? I love this quote for a lot of reasons. First of all, that it comes from Cass: a certified grade-A badass woman warrior who takes no shit and gets shit done. For this reason, I resent the fact that romantic storylines or romance stories tend to be viewed as less serious or less valuable than non-romantic storylines.

DAI Seven Minutes in Heaven Cassandra

There are spies around every corner, templars and mages fighting to the death, and dark, heinous creatures ready to kill you slowly with the Blight that brings you inches closer to madness while you tear off your own skin. Will your favorite partner hold up? You can choose to save face and end the romance there, or proclaim your intent to continue the relationship. His romance starts sad, is sad throughout the middle, and will hopefully have a happy end- right?

The romance, like any other, has to start with flirting.

Class: ea, cassandra dragon age seriesdragon age inquisition finally has multiple romance with all due respect to navigate format. Check out of date for females.

Some spoilers within. The complexities of the plot; the branching story lines; the moral dilemmas; the constant juggle of companion priorities; the combat; the explore content. I realised recently that my approach to Mass Effect and Dragon Age romances is very similar to how I go about it in real life: I have some pre-conceived notions of who I might like to do kisses with, and I sort of tailor myself my character, my lifestyle to enable that. But then I flirt wildly with absolutely everyone, and fall head over heels in love with the first person who takes the bait.

I apologise to my long string of exes, but there it is. I identified this pattern in my life some few months ago, which allowed me to hit a new record of not getting into disastrous relationships, but the mirroring of my Dragon Age experience only occurred to me when starting Inquisition recently. With this in mind, I went off and really researched the romance options available this time around. If love blooms on the battlefield, then so be it — but I refuse to let it bloom with someone completely inappropriate just because they have a cute smile and a can-do attitude.

The first companion you recruit, Cassandra is a perfect tank who can also be developed into an excellent damage dealer or controller.

So can you romance Josephine and Cassandra at the same time

She has been the Right Hand of the Divine since Dragon. In Dragon Age: Inquisition she is one of the Inquisitor ‘s companions and a romance option for a male Inquisitor. Many Seekers abandoned the Chantry in response to the mage rebellion.

Dragon Age Inquisition: Varric, Cassandra, Solas, Blackwall, Dorian and Sera Dragon Amazing cosplay of Krem, from Dragon Age Inquisition! Dragon Age.

Anonymous asked: So Cassandra can be modded because she ‘isn’t real’ but modding Sera or Dorian is somehow wrong? They aren’t real people either. They’re both mods, mods that don’t affect anyone’s game but the person who downloads them. Neither of those mods alter canon. Both add more bisexuals. But one is biphobic and the other isn’t? Sorry, but this whole attitude just reeks of hypocricy.

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The weight of the world may be on your shoulders, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find love along the way. Dragon Age: Inquisition has multiple romance options available, some specific to certain genders and races. You don’t have to romance someone, since you might not find someone you want to cozy up with, and that’s perfectly fine. However, for those who want to take the romantic plunge, we are giving you some insight into each character to help you make the decision.

Did a cosplay test for Cassandra Pentaghast from dragon age Inquisition last @thueston on Sunday night at #fanime for the Dragon Age Dating Panel!

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Romance with blackwall.


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Natural {Witcher/Dragon Age Inquisition} ni AlexandraRylie. #1 I do: Cole Cully Wully Iron Bull Blackwall Sera Dorian Cassandra Varric Hawke Krem Solas.

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Ellana Lavellan, Art Historian and Dalish scholar, finally secured a tenure-track position at the prestigious University of Orlais. She never thought that accepting the job would lead to a treasure hunt for a long-lost elven orb with her self-proclaimed nemesis Professor Solas Fen’Harel, a neurologist specializing in the relationship of the brain with the Fade. Avisalen Tabris Sabrae Lavellan has accumulated a variety of names over the course of her life — eleven years separate her from the very last time she was Enchanter Ffiona Tabris and nothing more.

Now, with the Conclave destroyed, and her nephew, Faron Lavellan, in the hands of a human Inquisition, she travels from the Free Marches to Ferelden to find and free him. Salen is guided by her haren, a spirit who has been with her since she was just coming into her magic. Taller and broader than other elves, with knowledge no modern elf could possess, Salen enters Haven to find her nephew and greet her enemy: Fen’Harel, the Dread Wolf.

Dragon Age Inquisition – Cassandra Complete Romance

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