Man reports Xiaxue to police over 2010 ‘little India’ tweet

This after the lawyer successfully got the State Courts to issue a Protection Order under Originating Summons to shut SMRT Ltd Feedback up, prevent them from publishing or continuing to publish more honest statements about Xiaxue — for now. But this will cause 10 Facebook pages run by anonymous people to be set up to take its place. Xiaxue deserves our respect. Thanks, Xiaxue, for ruining family photos forever. Product description: Always wondered what kind of air New Nation writers breathe? Produced and packed fresh daily! Tags: bunch of wankers , Gushcloud , Xiaxue. Young children in Singapore from all walks of life, who are supposed to be raised properly by adults, have expressed their disappointment in adult Singaporeans. This after the young ones witnessed first-hand the public spat between self-serving blogger Xiaxue and Gushcloud, a company that runs a sty of bloggers who would do things in exchange for money. And I think I know what he means already.

Singaporean influencer Mongabong says people warned her about being friends with Xiaxue

Fight fire with fire. That’s what celebrity blogger Wendy Cheng , also known as Xiaxue , did when she was repeatedly flamed on Facebook over the past week. Temasek Review TR had posted a series of Cheng’s photos — taken during the run-up to the People’s Action Party PAP rallies with her fellow bloggers last May — and asked its readers to caption the pictures. Of three photos posted, two were taken from her blog and one from fellow blogger, Qiu Qiu.

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Tags: geek , Xiaxue. Newer Post Older Post Home. Dear Ashley Garcia , Clothes maketh the man while the lack of clothes can make a woman famous. Sometimes unintentionally. I mean, y Okay, I fell for it. Two years ago, when celebrity radio deejay Glenn Ong revealed that he was dating fellow MediaCorp deejay Jean Danker after splitting fro Maybe the chicken episode.

A bunch of old local movies and TV shows started streaming on Netflix this month with more coming soon. Wasn’t Darryl David married to Georgina Chang? Yes, he was. I first met Darryl David at Gurmit Singh’s wedding dinner in David’s date was a woman named Lynette Pang , who was a stag Okay, I surrender.


Many netizens, who found nothing wrong with what Ms Khan had done, rallied to support her and called Xiexue out. Two police reports were filed against Ms Khan in early July due to comments she made online a few years ago. Many netizens, who found nothing wrong with what Ms Khan had done, rallied to support her and called the blogger out. Moreover, they asked the brands that sponsor her to end their partnerships, with some degree of success as she was dropped as an endorser and replaced as a host for an upcoming show.

Download scientific diagram | @xiaxue, screengrabbed, September from Expected final online publication date for the Annual Review of Environment.

A controversial beauty influencer has sparked an online war with a plus-size model after claiming ‘morbidly’ obese people are ‘disgusting’, ‘irresponsible’ and ‘don’t live past 40’. The year-old YouTube star said morbidly obese people should ‘ never be seen as attractive because death and disease isn’t attractive full stop’. Most morbidly obese people don’t live past 40,’ Xiaxue said on her Instagram stories on February Irresponsibility isn’t attractive.

Even when they die [they] need three people to carry the corpse please. Her strongly-worded views came after Instagram posted a photo of La’Shaunae on its wall on January 14 to promote body positivity. Shame on you,’ Xiaxue said.

Internet Comedian Peter Coffin’s Fake Asian Girlfriend Outed in Blogger Feud With Xiaxue

Instructions and questions flash up on the screen, he became a believer, what the hell. As the merchandise ships from international locations, it’s not always easy to find someone who understands that special bond! I was just 21 at that time lor!

To be clear, we are against racism, bigotry, and hate,” it said online yesterday.

After the elections, the year-old influencer is now being targeted by netizens for accusing Raaesah Khan in an Instagram story of stirring up racial sentiment. Singapore — Blogger, social media beauty and lifestyle influencer Wendy Cheng, most famously known by her online handle Xiaxue, is known for stirring up online controversy with unpopular opinions on social issues. The year-old influencer is now being targeted by netizens for accusing Ms Khan in an Instagram story of stirring up racial sentiment, and has also been subjected to her share of police reports and petitions for allegedly racist and seditious social media posts made in and Photo: Screengrab from Xiaxue Instagram story.

Ever since she posted these controversial remarks, netizens have banded together in an attempt to boycott Ms Cheng, with hashtags such as PunishXiaxue that reached No. Users have also started to send emails out to brands that are partnering with Xiaxue to stop working with her. Brands such as Fresh and Daniel Wellington have announced that they have stopped their partnership.

President Donald Trump. Twitter thread Photo: Screengrab from Twitter. The two then took to a private conversation to discuss their disagreements. This, however, backfired when Narelle Kheng openly continued to denounce Xiaxue on Twitter which led to Xiaxue posting a series of Instagram stories. Xiaxue has also compiled a Google document with screenshots of the two of their conversation that happened on Whatsapp.

Influencer PreetiPls has also been vocal about her denouncing of Xiaxue and has encouraged her followers to also sign the petition.

Die-hard Xiaxue followers can still get a shoutout from her—when they pay $276

Cheng Yan Yan Wendy born Cheng Yan Yan ; 28 April , better known by her pseudonym Xiaxue , is a Singaporean blogger and online television personality who writes about her life, fashion and local issues in a provocative style. Her main blog, which attracts about 50, readers daily, has won prestigious blog awards and earned her sponsorship deals, as well as stints as a columnist and TV show host , but some of her posts have sparked national controversies. She is married to American engineer Mike Sayre and they have one child.

Born in Singapore on 28 April , [1] Wendy Cheng studied at River Valley High School and graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a diploma in mass media, [2] then briefly worked as a project coordinator. Wanting to air her thoughts in a space that nobody could throw away, [3] [4] she started blogging in April

The look was completed with oak beams on the ceilings, as well as various beach-related knick knacks that Xiaxue purchased from online shopping site Taobao.

For what? Is climate change gonna stop because of her crying? After receiving criticism for her initial post, the blogger then doubled down on her views, following up this morning with another Instagram update. Jeffree Star reappeared online for the first time after Tati Westbrook’s explosive video to pose with Blac Chyna.

Gap reports surprise rise in comparable sales fueled by online demand. Ivory Coast opposition leaders file presidential candidacies. Fiorentina Primavera win the Coppa Italia for the second year in a row. Hong Kong protesters fleeing to Taiwan by boat intercepted, detained by Guangdong authorities: Report. Trot singer Kim Ho-joong to join military next month.

Ghetto Gastro’s Lester Walker, a former chef at NYC’s top Michelin-starred restaurants, is using deals with Nike and Cartier to donate , meals a week to families in need.


In this episode, we feature Mongchin Yeoh otherwise known by her social media moniker ‘Mongabong’. With a follower count of over k on instagram, she is no stranger to being a public figure. A social media influencer creating content largely on beauty and make up, we dig deep into how she got started, the doubts and support she got and some of her motivations while having an image to keep on.

I’d like to first admit that I could be biased towards Xiaxue (XX). A friend I not totally fond of her probably because she comes across as being the ‘bitch’ of Singapore’s internet/blogging scene. Why are Singaporeans so bad at dating?

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. All Departments Documents Researchers. Audience Space as a Space for Nationalism. As an effect of a mix of semiotics and uses and Through interviews, it was found that audiences considered being a consumer of Singaporean mandopop singers constituting a choice in an act of patriotism.

That mandopop is a transnational product, and some may argue, a formulaic one, is a moot point. In some cases, this support has also evolved from being consumers into avid fandom. The concert provided audiences with a space for the expression of the Singaporean identity and of patriotism, both egged on by the performer and through their reading of the concert. For some, it also represented the ideal Singaporean experience that was different from their lived-in realities.

From this discussion, we can understand how nationalism is experienced and expressed through the consumption of local pop stars and their music. Save to Library.

The Xiaxue & Rosalyn Show

So this is Christmas. And what have you done? Before her blog post, I as in me, not XX had never even heard of Gushcloud.

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A man has filed a police report against social media influencer Wendy Cheng over a now-deleted tweet that purportedly targeted migrant workers. According to the police report Coconuts Singapore had looked at, Sankar also alleged that Cheng was propagating a misconception about migrant workers. Little India is among places commonly visited by locals, tourists as well as migrant workers, many of who work in the construction sector.

xiaxue-morbidly-overweight-comments-arguments-online-1 According to her, they started dating after meeting on Tinder and things seemed.

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